Fondation Louis Vuitton

Paris France, Bois du Boulogne




The Fondation Louis Vuitton is an iconic new contemporary art space designed by Gehry Partners, located in the Jardin d’Acclimatation in the Bois du Boulogne.

Trimble Consulting implemented a 3D project delivery system, including Digital Project™ for all 3D design and the introduction of Global Exchange for BIM collaboration. By implementing a common platform for design, engineering and construction, the project benefited from rapid design iteration and rich 3D information, allowing teams to achieve a level of architectural innovation rarely achieved in such a short time frame. The BIM collaboration system managed the distribution, versioning, access and security of the model throughout its development by teams distributed throughout the world. A precise structure for the organization of the data allowed a team of over 200 building professionals to collaborate in a structured way on a single project model. Increased clarity, faster cycle times and tightly coordinated 3D information was made available throughout the project team and supply chain.

Working with the executive architect and engineers, our team developed hundreds of adaptable 3D details called intelligent components. These components enabled the design team to instantiate thousands of categorized variants throughout the project in a generative and consistent manner, keeping complexity, cost and quality under control throughout the design process. Components were developed for façade fixing details, structural embeds, MEP connections, and concrete panels, with each component embedding design intent and fabrication constraints.

Fondation Louis Vuitton


69,965 SF

Gehry Partners, RFR/TESS, Studios Architecture, SETEC



Trimble Consulting implemented a common platform for design, engineering and construction for a global team of over 200 people. The team provided rationalization of the façade components to meet fabrication, construction, and installation constraints, parametric and generative detailing of thousands of non-standard mechanical connections, and construction simulation and scheduling services.


The Fondation Louis Vuitton is a complex project with many unique building systems, developed by a globally distributed network of architects, engineers, fabricators and builders, who benefited from a common platform for design and collaboration.

Continuous project cost controls benefited from both the quantity analysis features of Digital Project™ and the clarity and ability to iterate that comes with the systems, tools and know-how that our team implemented on the project.

We delivered performance improvements to design, analysis, detailing and coordination teams by creating a pervasive culture of 3D, collaboration, and innovation.

The client supported the widespread use of BIM as a tool for the design, engineering and construction of the project, and has also used the BIM extensively internally for communication, museum curation, and operations and maintenance planning.

The FLV Supplier Program was introduced to establish the vision and create the environment for bidding contractors to consume the design model. Throughout a series of workshops and technology implementations, bidding teams were given access to the systems.

Trimble Consulting’s role in the construction phase of the project has expanded to include management of the design team, the general contractor, and the supply chain’s 3D information. A team of our consultants works with each team and subcontractor to manage the overall project organization.