- Case study -

Louvre Abu Dhabi



  • Design Assist & Advanced Parametric Modeling

  • Implementation of a platform for concurrent design, engineering, and fabrication

  • Tender Support with Efficient and accurate extraction of documentation and data from the 3D model

  • 1:1 scale prototype was assembled from the 3D model


The Louvre Abu Dhabi was commissioned for the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The design is a series of low rectilinear buildings, all covered by a 180m diameter dome.

Trimble Consulting was engaged to work with the design and engineering teams on the dome. TC implemented a 3D BIM-driven process through a series of workshops with the architect and structural engineer, and provided day-to-day consulting services to the teams.

TC developed a series of tools that aided in the design and analysis of the dome geometry. In addition, TCS generated more than 1000 tender documents and datasheets to describe and analyze the decomposition of the discrete members of the lattice dome. Each of the 100,000 members were annotated, named, and dimensioned in the 3D model, thus enabling the rationalization of assembly and fabrication requirements.



Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE


24.000 sqm

AJN, HW Architecture, Buro Happold Engineering

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TC’s services enabled the design team to execute an integrated approach, and deliver an optimized solution within the project deadlines.

It was the intent of Ateliers Jean Nouvel to integrate and optimize the architecture and structure for the Louvre Abu Dhabi. However, at the scale and complexity of the project, this was not a simple task. Our services enabled the design team to execute the integrated approach, and deliver an optimized solution within the project deadlines. In addition, a fully automated process of tender drawing and datasheet extraction enabled the rapid production of tender documents which fully described over 100.000 discrete components and their 3- =dimensional relationships to one another. Finally, we implemented an online collaboration system, enabling teams in Paris and London to collaborate seamlessly on the same project model.



The 7,500 ton patterned dome rains down intricate streams of light.