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National Museum of Qatar



  • Comprehensive Design, Fabrication, Construction Modeling

  • On site project support


The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) is a striking composition of intersecting double-curved disks called “the most complex building in the world” at the time of construction. NMoQ demonstrates Qatar’s commitment to deliver ambitious, world-class cultural projects by leveraging innovative tools, including 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM), and associated processes & collaborative team-structures. Trimble Consulting provided model development and application support across all of the project parties including architect, owner, general contractor and five major trades.



Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Hyundai Engineering & Construction

Paris, France & Doha, Qatar


43.000 sqm

Qatar Museums Authority, ASTAD Project Management, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, HILL International, ARUP

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Trimble Consulting (TC) provided accelerated 3D design authoring and high-fidelity 2D design documentation, helped manage risks associated with complex geometry and a demanding schedule, and deployed a system for global BIM development across more than 150 persons from 25 companies.

TC’s Paris office was originally retained by the project architect in 2009 to assist with NMoQ’s detailed design & construction documentation. Using advanced 3D modeling tactics, TC accelerated the design team’s authoring of design alternatives, enabled the rapid evaluation of those alternatives against project budget constraints, and coordinated multidisciplinary 3D design inputs from consultants to develop a federated and data-rich “Design BIM.” 

On the basis of its strong contributions to the project during design,TC’s Middle East office was engaged to assist with detailed engineering & construction, by: 1) collaboratively defining, designing, and implementing BIM-centric processes, standards, and team & data structures; 2) furnishing enabling technology, custom scripting, and systems integration; and 3) supporting the team’s operation of the NMoQ project delivery system through executive leadership, staff augmentation, and coaching.

This entailed the coordination of a 1TB multidisciplinary fabrication level-of-detail 3D “Construction BIM” authored in multiple-platforms and consisting of more than 150,000 files, from which the shop drawings are extracted. The detailed engineering is developed & coordinated per a program fine-tuned & reissued weekly to respond to changing construction site demands.The Construction BIM was updated using site observations, as-built surveys, and hi-definition laser scans and augmented with data to produce an “As-Built BIM” which will be used for facility Operations & Maintenance by the Qatar Museums Authority.