One Island East

Hong Kong, China


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Swire Properties, the owner of One Island East, a 70-story commercial office tower in Hong Kong, has an ongoing commitment to improving the design and delivery of its building projects. Swire Properties wanted to reduce waste, construction cost and time penalties while improving quality, so they appointed Trimble Consulting to drive the implementation of an enchanced Building Life Cycle Information Management process on this project.

Key to the success of the project was the owner’s insistence that all project participants use the Trimble Consulting Process to build and maintain the project’s 3D digital model. One Island East represents a substantial implementation of virtual 3D Building Life Cycle Information Management. This owner-driven process comprehensively combined traditional design and construction information into one 3D Building Information Model (BIM). As BIM consultants to Swire Properties Ltd., the Trimble Consulting Asia team enabled and facilitated a high degree of information integration and exchange between members of the design and construction teams and the client.

Trimble Consulting was brought onto the project during the Design Development Phase and helped the project team to implement training and 3D modeling to achieve a 3D/BIM centric approach to project delivery. Once the initial BIM Knowledge Transfer was completed, Trimble Consulting supported the tender process to improve the quality of tender information and enable a more efficient bidding process. Once the contractor was selected, Trimble Consulting trained the contractor’s team to continue the BIM process into the construction phase. Throughout the One Island East Project, Trimble Consulting enabled all project team members to participate in the 3D model so that problems could be solved before they reached the site.

Swire Properties Limited

Commercial Office Tower

140,000 SM

W&O (HK) Ltd, Arup, Meinhardt (M&E) Ltd., Gammon Construction Ltd., Josef Gartner & Co (HK) Ltd.



One Island East was the most extensive BIM based construction project of its time and the recipient of the 2008 AIA Technology and Practice Award. Quantities extracted from BIM were used for tendering, and the project included a fully detailed and coordinated MEP system.


The owner achieved a higher quality product while saving money and improving construction time through the use of collaborative, collocated work methods, and integrated 3D modeling tools to optimize the construction.

Through design team collaboration and onsite coordination using the 3D BIM model, the project was able to reduce the number of RFIs to 140. Over the course of project, 18,000 coordination issues were identified and managed using BIM. Regular automated quantity take offs from the BIM model enabled real time project cost control.

Using Trimble Consulting‘s Virtual Design and Construction process, the project team was able to develop a fully coordinated project prior to sending the information out to bid. Because the digital model was provided to the bidding firms, the contractors were able to understand all the building’s complexity and components. The result was that bids were closer to each other than a similar non-BIM project.

Beyond the improved project quality, lower costs, and faster construction schedule, Trimble Consulting also delivered to Swire Properties an as-built 3D digital model of the entire 70-story tower. This as-built digital asset can be easily applied to Facilities Management infrastructures and other future building life-cycle events that require reference to accurate, web-based 3D building information.

One Island East was constructed in 24 months, and was completed on time and on budget in March, 2008. Subsequently Swire Properties determined that Trimble Consulting‘s involvement on the project had delivered significant value. Swire Properties now mandates that BIM be implemented on every new project and has commissioned TC to provide BIM services on a number of other projects.